Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10: Cornflakes on my sushi?

I am confused. Ok - so I get the idea that sushi rolls - all a riff on California Sushi rolls can be either a good respite for new sushi eater - or sushi eater that want to mix it up a little.

But at what point does it stop being sushi - an really become a fusion concoction that you wonder if you should be eating it.

I wanted to have sushi tonight. But I didn't have the time to go to a few favorite take away places for sushi. Instead, I opted for the local super market - who has obviously hired a person to come in an make sushi each day - in hopes to lure end of day shoppers to pick up a pack or two of sushi to go.

Fair enough. It was my choice.

But in the sushi shelf, there was a dish called the "chef's special." What the heck? Is that sushi with corn flakes on it? I always live to my mantra of "Try everything once." I had to purchase one - and taste it - to see what in the heck was going on. Was this like a box of cornflakes that the supermarket wanted to get rid of? And they said, "here sushi guy - let's see what you could make with this?"

 Cornflakes and tuna sushi roll?
It turns out that the flakes were not corn flakes - but onion flakes. Perhaps a little like a sushi chef who crumbles up "funyons" and puts them on sushi. 

But this makes me suspicious What is under those onion flakes? Fish you didn't want us to see? Something that needed to be covered up in taste?

I think we are going just a little too far in our pursuit to make sushi rolls that the "local joe" will like.
Having said that.... I did buy it. And it didn't taste awful.

Tomorrow, at the local supermarket, some local wanna be sushi maker, who happened to land a job at this supermarket, will come in to work, discover his "onion flake sushi" had been purchase, and think he had just made a great dish. I suspect there will be more of these rolls before I see salmon roll ikura.


  1. Either way, corn flakes or onion flakes looks like a heavy hand and overkill.
    Your very game trying...

  2. Lisa cooked fish in the oven last night, it ended up looking like this. It didn't taste very well - which is so unusual, since she is a very skilled cook. "This is below me, we are not eating this", she concluded, and threw it out! She must have been very disappointed, she is usually a hero at taking care of leftovers and happily eating almost everything...