Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5: 2012 Pizza Challenge

Making the perfect home pizza is on my goal list for 2012. I love pizza. But to make a 10 out of 10 pizza - it is hard work.
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  1. UPDATE: A friend of mine commented on my Facebook Page that I had to try
    http://bloggingoodfood.cLa Grande Orange Pizza in Phoenix. I have alwyas been a fan of Pizzeria Bianco. But this souds like it has promise.

    Here is a good food blog post about this place:

  2. Some basics for me: fennel seeds in the dough! Well reduced tomato sauce in the bottom. THEN the cheese, BEFORE the rest of the toppings. Bresaola, Spanish dried beef, is wonderful to throw on. The right cheese of course, but that's really only a matter of taste...

  3. high heat, short cook time will make the dough come out great . . . . look around for some good info. Building my own pizza oven the backyard that will be finished in the spring. All hand made, no kit or prefab anything . . . I can't wait . . . all my best . . .Bowerman

  4. Hey there. Lovemaking my ow pizza. In fact I keep my own dough ready to go in the freezer.
    First you will need an oven, or to get yours fixed.
    My moto... Keep the toppings simple. I do pecorino, potato, rosemary, with small slices of pork sausage. Reminds me of a favourite pizza you and I had down at Santana Row!
    Roll out the dough on a round board with a little semolina (better than using flour). Precook potato slices.
    Use pecorino cheese.