Sunday, June 28, 2015

Franklin Barbeque in Austin - Yes - It really is that good!

Eating Franklin Barbeque's brisket needs to be on every foodie and barbecue passionate person's bucket list. Having a little extra time today - and with help of a young entrepreneur, I finally made the trip today to Franklins.

Yes. It is that good! Really that good.

Most who started feasting on the meat joined the lines today as early 7:00am. Thanks to a young entrepreneur, I did a bit of pitch hitting. Demond is a young entrepreneur who created a summer "line sitting service." called BBQ FastPass. Demond decided there were far better ways than bagging groceries to save for a car this summer. He is an entrepreneur - and saw a need to meet. It is simple. You tweet Desmond. You pay Desmond - and he stand in line for you - and then show up just in time to order and enjoy. I love it when young entrepreneurs work hard at solving problems.

Read more about Desmond here:

The Texas trinity for barbecue requires you to try ribs, brisket and sausage. Franklins uses spareribs for their ribs. They also offer you fatty and lean brisket. I also ordered some of their smoked turkey breast. They also offer beans, potato salad and coleslaw. 

I have eaten a lot of barbecue. And I am fortunate to be a Kansas City BBQ Society sanctioned contest judge.

This was great barbecue. It is probably the best fatty brisket I have ever eaten. The ribs were good. I prefer meatier baby backs over spareribs. Their sausage was spicy. And their sides were pretty good. The potato salad was more "mashy" than I like in my potato salad. The beans were terrific. And the cole slaw slightly on the southern tangy style.

But it was great BBQ and worth a trip for all!

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